Filippo Manzini

Born in Florence in 1975, Filippo Manzini graduated from the Tuscan city’s Academy of Fine Arts. His work is born out of a desire to overcome the closed space of the studio in order to explore the world; he therefore combines sculpture, installation and performative actions and selects urban public spaces in which to insert his works, creating ephemeral, spontaneous installations that he documents photographically. Similarly, in closed spaces the work is always conceived in relation to the specific qualities of the environment. Filippo Manzini’s installations occupy space as complimentary elements to pre-existing structures: volumes and surfaces compenetrate, while the materials establish dialogues and generate states of tension, relationships of forces, the result of which is the perfect equilibrium of the parts. Manzini worked for a year in Los Angeles where he exhibited, among other locations, at the Hammer Museum in 2012. He has also held exhibitions at the Villa Romana in Florence in 2010, the Galleria Artra in 2013, the Lissone Museum and the Assab One in Milan in 2014, the Italian Institute of Culture in Berlin in 2015 and in the MARS space in Milan in 2018.