Hans Hartung. Opere Scelte 1950-1988

Artist: Hans Hartung

Year: 2004

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Hans Hartung. Selected works 1950-1988, Mazzoleni Torino, 2004 Introduction text by Nico Orengo Printed… Read more

Alberto Burri. Tra Materia e Forma

Artist: Alberto Burri

Year: 2003

Published on the occasion of Alberto Burri. Tra Materia e Forma. Opere scelte 1948-1993, Mazzoleni Torino, 2003 Curated by Francesco Poli Printed in… Read more

Enrico Baj. Selected works

Artist: Enrico Baj

Year: 2002

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Enrico Baj. Selected works, Mazzoleni Torino, 2002 Text by Jean-Clarence Lambert, Ugo Nespolo, Mark Kostabi… Read more

Giorgio Ramella. Vincent

Artist: Giorgio Ramella

Year: 2001

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Giorgio Ramella. Vincent, Mazzoleni Torino, 2001 Text by Luca Beatrice Printed in 2001